Download important and essential shipping documents here. Amber World Wide offers these forms and docs as a convenience to our customers and site visitors.

Affidavit of Manufacture

-For U.S goods returned exceeding $10,000.00 value.

Bill of Lading [Terms & Conditions]

-Copy of the Bill of Lading’s Terms & Conditions.

CBP Form #3299

– Personal effects declaration

Customs Bond Application

– MOST imports into the U.S. require the importer to post a bond as per this application.

Customs Bond Form

– Form issued by the surety company proving the Bond is in effect and its number.

Delivery Order Form

– Used to effect collections and deliveries to form various points.

DOT Form

– Mandatory for importing vehicles and some parts such as tires, etc.

EPA Form

– Required to import vehicles, engines and other equipment that requires EPA compliance.

Lacey Act

Mandatory for all wood products showing origins, genus, species, etc. except for manufactured wood such as chipboard, plywood or similar.


Special form for various Trade Agreements.

Power of Attorney

Required to enable Freight Forwarders and Custom House Broker to act on your behalf.

Sample Invoice

Illustration of how a commercial invoice should be completed, in English showing correct description, quantities, term of sale, value and origin.


All exports over $2500.00 must be reported to the Government by submitting this form which usually has a power of attorney embedded, Freight Forwarders file electronically.

US America Customs Help Form

Assistance from U.S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP)

USA Goods Returned

– Declaration itemizing all U.S Goods returned for whatever reason.